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The convocation of the elections by the Spanish Government on the same dates as the Association Modelista de Torrent makes the 25th anniversary of its Contest – Exhibition AMT / 2019, has even small collateral damage. The Auditori de Torrent, venue of our event, is a space reserved as an electoral college, which makes it impossible to use it during that weekend.

For that reason, the AMT to respect the dates for those who had already planned the event, decided to hold the contest-exhibition AMT 2019 on the same dates at Las Americas Shopping Center, which has kindly offered to put our disposition your facilities.

Las Americas Shopping Center is located 300 meters from the Torrent Auditorium, with a large parking area and a wide range of hotels.

Although in this edition we do not have the privileged environment of the auditorium there are many other advantages offered by the Las Americas Shopping Center, some of which we try to summarize in a question / answer format in the link of our website that we attach in this publication.

  • The Las Americas Shoping Center is far from the auditori?
    • Not at all, only 300 meters away.
  • Will the space for the exhibition be the same?
    • Las Americas Shoping Center has much more meters of exhibition and fair fully covered so we will have more space between the showcases.
  • Will there be places where you can have a drink or eat something during the contest?
    • Yes, there are dozens of venues in Las Americas Shoping Center, in fact it was where many of you came every year during the event to eat, dine or drink anything.
  • How will it affect the fair?
    • Because is a closed and controlled space will not be affected by the weather and we have more space to host new stands.
  • The schedule is the same as in previous editions?
    • Yes, the hours of model reception, exhibition and trade fair were the same, we are evaluating on Sunday to advance the delivery of prizes and the delivery of models to facilitate the participants from outside as much as possible that they can vote in their city of origin, in any case any change will be properly reported to all participants.
  • Las Americas Shoping Center has Parking as the auditorium?
    • Yes, it has a free parking with many more places than the auditorium.
  • Can you get to the contest by metro?
    • Yes, the metro stop is only 10 minutes away.
  • How will we know where the ticket office is to collect the registration and the delivery of models?
    • We will inform adequately of all the accesses and the location to all the participants by email and web/social networks of AMT.
  • Will there be talks/workshops this year?
    • Of course, we have two spaces reserved for it, in fact the space will be wider than previous years.